Artists we’ve worked with

Artists We've Worked With


Creating Unforgettable Experiences

  Creative Darlington has been instrumental in supporting Unforgettable Experiences to recruit, design and develop […]

blimey! Lucretia

blimey! Collective

Undivided Pictures

Stay at Home Stories

Creative Darlington is committed to working with individuals as well as organisations. Find out more […]

Free Clore Leadership Tees Valley Programme sessions on Tuesday 26 September and Friday 8 December 2023

Clore Leadership are delighted to announce two upcoming Leadership Experience sessions as part of the […]

New organisation dancing for joy after securing funding

TeesDance is a leading sector support dance organisation dedicated to promoting and developing the dance […]

Lady Kitt

Darlo To Boro Is Our Grand Tour

The Unseen Beautiful

Joanne Coates / Lens Think

Crown Street Call Out #1

Commissioned Artists

Gilkes Street Artists

Studio Group

Cartography for Girls

Carol Sommer

Tracks Darlington

Music Collective


Theatre Company

Conversations in Painting

Phil Gatenby & Sarah Cooney

Tell Her Story

Michaela Wetherell

Theresa Easton


Yvonne Preston


Collections Project

Sara Cooper

Debbie Waistell

Research & Development

Julie MacBean


Susie Stephens

Retracing Routledge

Anton Hecht

Anton has developed many original artworks which can be seen online, working across mediums and […]

Michael Daynes

Backscratch Theatre

Women’s Voices Project

The Women’s Voices Project offers women from all walks of life the opportunity to tell […]