Anton has developed many original artworks which can be seen online, working across mediums and often in collaboration. Many of his projects are made with other practitioners recruited to assist and create the work and he often works with the community and the public.

‘The work is made as much by them as it is by myself and my ideas’

Anton secured support from Creative Darlington’s Developing Finance for Arts Activity in Darlington scheme and through a Grants for the Arts award to develop two new projects in Darlington, working with a number of different artists.

The first project, Stop Start Tango, was filmed in Darlington’s historic indoor market and has since been screened at various arts festivals, including Festival Miden in Greece.

The second, All music is in our Hands, explored an ancient musical notation system, called the Guidonian, and was created using prints on the palms of project participants and filmed in locations across Darlington.

Anton’s third project, supported with another Grants for the Arts award, was (Undercover) Festival of Flipbooks which created thirteen original works displayed in Crown Street Library.

He said “Creative Darlington has been very important in securing funding from Arts Council England, as they provided match monetary funding, but also curatorial and managerial experience. Creative Darlington have also been a strong partner in marketing the project both in the town and on line. They are also always willing to try and make an idea a reality, no matter how conceptual in nature, they always look at practical ways of making the idea happen, and what needs to be done to make it work in the town.”