Support for You

We’d love to hear from you about creative projects you might wish to develop either within or involving Darlington.  We are particularly interested in original proposals which align with our strategic priorities:

  • Darlington theatre town
  • Creative exploration ofDarlington’s railway heritage
  • Darlington contributing to the Tees Valley and North East culture offer
  • Darlington having an accessible, distinctive and excellent cultural offer

Creative Darlington manages exhibition programmes at Crown Street Library and the Town Hall exhibition space and engagement with the Borough Art Collection and has supported the development of original activity within town centre events.   We’re happy to hear new ideas and may be able to offer either budget or in kind support to appropriate proposals.

Please contact the Creative Darlington Manager, Stephen Wiper, on 01325 406051 or 07970184533 to discuss your ideas or e-mail .

Darlington for Culture operates a small grants scheme which can make awards of up to £500 to support successful proposals.  Creative Darlington assesses proposals and makes recommendations to Darlington for Culture on whether to make an award or not.

Further information, the guidelines and application form are available at