Michaela Wetherell is a curator from Sunderland. After completing her MA Curating she knew she wanted to focus her career on Feminism and women artists. Michaela created the exhibition, with help from Creative Darlington. The exhibition is  informed by her passion to create feminist events, exhibitions and discussions around the north east. Looking at art collections around the north east and how they represent women in their collections.

Tell Her Story is a new exhibition, curated by Michaela Wetherell, which looks creatively at the images of unknown women in the Darlington Borough Art Collection and considers what they are saying to us now? Many art collections come together over decades or centuries and contain mysterious works. Sometimes little is known about the subject, artist, the work itself or how it entered the collection.
Darlington’s Art Collection has around 500 original works, including portraits of women now listed as ‘unknown’ and pictures with women who are not named. This exhibition includes paintings and a drawing from Darlington’s art collection, where information on the women involved was either absent, has been lost through time, or where images were drawn from the imagination in the first place.