CCreative Darlington has allocated support to artist Matthew Pickering to progress a proposal which will consider current environmental concerns.

Hot Contents will take place in Darlington, imagining the role of new trades in a not-too-distant future where the over-production of unrecyclable waste materials has dramatically changed our landscape, reimagining Darlington’s history as a hub of crafts and trades built instead on recycled industrial materials.

Through a process of research, production, presentation and critical discussion exploring the life-cycle of the materials of industry, it asks:

  • How can we creatively imagine ways to reduce environmental pollution and learn to live better with the waste we create?
  • How do we re-examine industrial heritage narratives in environmental discussion?
  • In what ways can we feed in a circular economy approach to our lives?
  • What practices do we need to learn, and what do we need to unlearn?

While it touches on the many interconnected issues that are feeding climate change, Hot Contents look at pollution as a wider metaphor for living with the environmental crisis we have created for ourselves.

A trace – physically and emotionally – of what will be left for the future.