Following the announcement of the second lockdown coming into place on Thursday 5 November 2020 ODDMANOUT theatre company and Creative Darlington have cancelled the sharing of work from the ‘It’s All Happening Here!’ programme and an exhibition of  Darlington Wonders planned inside Cornerstone Arts.  While this decision is sadly unavoidable ODDMANOUT are taking steps to ensure the creative work from ‘It’s All Happening Here!’ will be accessible online, and over 20 Darlington Wonders are currently accessible online.

‘ODDMANOUT are disappointed that due to the new restrictions we have to cancel ‘It’s All Happening Here’ due to take place at Cornerstone Arts, Darlington on the 5th/6th/7th of November. We will be doing our best to move all of the content online to ensure the hard work of all our artistic community is not wasted.’