Insectopolis city of insects. Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International spent two days in Darlington Town Centre recently sharing Insectopolis city of insects here. Activity included walkabout by ginormous butterflies and bees, a giant jigsaw exploring insect life, planting of flowers and live music (first time I’ve seen an insect playing accordion!).

Insectopolis city of insects engaged c 900 people in Darlington, c 400 people on Saturday and c 500 on Sunday when the sun came out. People of all ages got involved. Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International’s programme aims to entertain and bring attention to steps people might take to address insect depletion

Insectopolis inspired planting in Darlington Town Centre. Photo Paul Miskin

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International enjoyed their two days in Darlington and Insectopolis was a programme in development, and with support from Creative Darlington and other parties, secured Project Funding from Arts Council England.

‘Our experience was very  enjoyable and fascinating. We found a lot of interest in our topic. Some from people for whom it was a fresh idea and from others that were already very well informed. So a lot of great conversations. We are developing the show as we go. As well as the sun coming out on the second day we increased the music input and you can see the butterflies dancing in the video. This is an idea we will develop in future. The dance of nature. The children were brilliant and we hope to adapt this show for schools and children’s festivals’.  Paul Miskin from the NWSI