Northern Town by Syd Collumbine & Roger Wicks

“Both myself and my co writer Roger Wicks were delighted to be given the opportunity to contribute to the Darlington Wonders Project”

“We began by looking into historical characters, monuments and places in Darlington, we also thought about the long lasting memories evoked by these places especially if you were away from that home town environment.”

“From this we developed two themes. Roger worked on lyrics and I worked on the music ideas. This part of the process was made more difficult as we had to communicate by phone, text and email due to lockdown restrictions. Eventually we created two songs with different characteristics.”

“At this point our good friend Mike Hepple added the vocal tracks, again done via email. Our two final songs were tested on friends and family resulting in Northern Town being favourite. It has a positive feel and highlights specific places and memories for our Northern Town.”

Syd Collumbine & Roger Wicks​, a Darlington based songwriting team. Syd has spent a number of years playing in bands and touring Europe and Scandinavia, and now spends much of his time teaching, composing and recording. Roger, a former professional football player for Darlington FC, now splits his time between developing his skills as a lyricist, and running various business ventures.

See how Syd & Roger came up with the song