Green in the Denes by Rosi Thornton

“Working on the Darlington Wonders project was a golden opportunity to explore what I love most about Darlington, and I chose The Denes, a magic green corridor running right through the town. I love that it has an interesting history and that walking there feels like being in the woods, surrounded by greeness, birds and soft light right in the heart of all the houses.

I walked the length of the Denes, breathed, relaxed, sketched and took many photographs of the trees, as I planned my textile piece about the area. The final abstract design reflects my regular journeys taken inside the green space and its calming, soothing effect at any time of the day. It is a people’s park, offering open space to those without gardens, places to walk, talk and relax in a busy, built up area, and somewhere to celebrate and observe the natural world on our doorsteps – a Darlington Wonder.”

Rosi Thornton is a visual artist based in Darlington, and her interests combine pattern, print, colour and cloth, which she uses in textiles, quilts, printmaking, collage and handmade books. She believes passionately in making, creative recycling, skill-sharing and art in communities. Rosi started Rejig, a creative recycling project as a way of bringing these interests together.

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