Megan Hume

High Row Benches

My favourite place sits amongst the hustle and bustle of busy passers by bumping into their neighbour or cousin on the highway.
The smell snaking out of Gregg’s and enticing the smartly dressed when the clock strikes 12. 

“I’m going to grab that one thing I needed from the pound shop”
then coming out with 5 packs of biscoff dips instead. 

The pure urge to run down the waterfall steps barefoot and splash like no one’s watching even if you don’t understand the reason behind them at all. 
Laughing at the bus jam down the hill then realising your meant to be catching the number 4 home. 

From Nike tracksuits to DM boots both old and young alike; the big issue man and young chav clan the BMW with a driving ban. 

I’ve seen it all sat with this view, does make me laugh when I feel blue. Pulling together when times are tough kids meals for free, NHS signs and stuff. 

Yes we joke and say we’d go but there’s one thing which we all know, no other town could say it’s true there’s no better community than our Darlo crew.