Emma Crawley

The iconic Skerne Bridge, the oldest railway bridge still in use in the world, built for the Stockton and Darlington line. An amazing piece of engneering on our doorstep but many don’t know as it’s so tucked away.
The backlanes of Darlington can be beautiful when not filled with rubbish. The Scoria bricks used to lay them were an early form of recycling using the waste from the bottom of blast furnaces in Teesside. These bricks are a unique feature of the South Duham and Tees Valley area, we pass them every day but mostly don’t give them a second thought.
North Lodge Park is a hidden gem in the centre of Darlington, opened in 1903 it’s still well used and loved by the surrounding community. The original Bandstand is at its heart and following a restoration programme 10 years ago regularly holds music events.