Cassie Cooper

I’m a blogger and content creator who loves to write in spare time. I don’t usually write poetry but wanted to tell you about my wonder of Darlington where I’ve lived all of my life.

Our crown in crown street…

Upon some land where a mill once stood, where a local man left in his will the promise of a free library to it’s people, our majestic lady resides.

Her ornate stonework is envied, she dominates the street with her radiating presence, but emits a warmth and kindness in her shiny window eyes. She welcomes all inside. Since 1885 she has given her service to the people of Darlington, provided a place to work, to read, to create, to explore her shelves. How many people have been inspired by her, have found comfort, solitude, knowledge….

The weatherworn dovecot is gazed at by small children waiting for their mum to come out of the shop nearby, what secrets does she hide? What sights has she seen? What changes has she been part of?

Inside the depths, through dark corridors amidst shelves swept from dust, with pride, her faithful servants scurry to bring new generations stories of old, holding capture her town’s history with wonder and astonishment, so one day those who still visit her may see what joy she brought. Everyone who has been hypnotized by her beauty have left their mark here somehow, a painting, a novel, a poem, some Victorian cursive handwriting on yellowed paper, a bookmark found in pages. The unmistakable scent of history ( that only a library somehow conveys, old papers, a little musty but uncapturable anywhere else)

The pages of a book are happily discovered within these walls, the companionship of others, the enchantment of escaping from the outside to new intriguing lands and places. To finding new experiences and widening horizons, tell me who can put a price on this?

Our jewel in the crown she is. Our lady, our library.

Cassie Cooper