Alison Hill

I am a figurative artist who has an interest in nature. I work across various media, pastels, free motion machine embroidery and ceramics.
I use the different media to enhance particular qualities in the compositions. When I use pastels I use the fluidity to create atmosphere and dramatic light, When I use free motion machine embroidery I use the treads to show texture, and my ceramics capture my mood and emotions. The animal sculpted usually reflect the emotion I am feeling when I make the sculpture. The submitted piece is free motion machine embroidery on felt
My work embraces my love of nature, I work in ceramics, free motion machine embroidery and pastels. The piece submitted in this entry depicts a piece of my ceramic art. I like to work big capturing the animals texture and expression
I am a figurative artist who likes to work in ceramics. I put my own spin on very traditional ideas. I choose to capture the emotion of a moment and I find clay lends itself so well to this, I can change the mood of a character with a slight tilt of a head or turn of a lip. The example shows my own very unique version of Cinderella. She is plain BUT honest and pleasant looking because I do believe young women in traditional tales are always beautiful in the traditional sense, and is this how they have to be. My Cinderella is beautiful on the inside and still gets the Prince.