blimey! Artist Talk Review, Amanda Marshall

For a number of years now Blimey! the Darlington based visual arts collective have met together on the first Wednesday of every month. The last couple of years meeting upstairs at Darlington Central Club. Over the years Blimey! has hosted many artist talks and Junes meeting was our first photographer, Louise Taylor.

Walking up the stairs in the club every month I resist the urge to test out the retro looking three staged stairlift rising upwards to the function room on the first floor. It was nice to see a few new faces attending this months talk as well as some regulars.

Louise Taylor_blimey!  Artist Talk

Following an introduction from Vicky, Louise began her talk by explaining how her interest in photography started and showing some captivating photographs of her time spent in Mongolia. Drawn to Mongolia through her interest in nomadic people and her love of camels, an addiction she got whilst working in Australia, apparently wild camels can only be found in China and Mongolia. Louise’s photographs of Mongolian nomads, their daily lives travelling about in stunning and sometime harsh looking scenery, and of course the camels, were certainly awesome, the word Louise used to describe actually being there, Louise accompanied each photograph with a story, including one with a lovely grinning lady in the foreground, this lady had apparently owned the winning horse in a race, her prize being a carpet and television, even though she didn’t have any electric, she certainly looked pleased with her winnings.

Louise then talked us though various projects she has been working on, including photographs taken at Appleby horse fair, make the link between the gypsies over here with the nomads in Mongolia; Clydesdale horse breeders, producing some interesting photographs of horse boxes surrounded by these beautiful horses and their owners; a residency on a French vineyard; and portraits of dogs she has walked as a dog sitter/walker. To look at some of Louise’s photographs have a look at her website

Over a period of time Louise has been following a shooting group who meet near her home in Weardale, taking photographs with them in all weathers, and finally producing 75 exquisite handmade leather bound books of photographs and game bird recipes, all made by Louise herself, each fastened by a used shot. One of her shoot photographs was also used in an installation project in Holmfirth where the enlarge print was wrapped around 4 trees on a wooded path so that from the right angle the image could be seen as a whole.

From all her photographs you could feel Louise’s passion for the outdoor, horses, dogs and the rural environment that surrounds her, be that at home in Weardale or in the places she has visited on her travels, always being embraced by the people she’s spent time with, stayed with or met on her travels.

Louise Taylor Book and Postcards_blimey! Artist Talk

Hand bound book created by Louise Taylor, along with some postcards from previous projects

Louise shared her latest rather emotional project as she starts to photograph her Dads garage, left just as it was before his sudden death a couple of years ago, he was a hoarder but a meticulous hoarder, the photographs showing everything in its place, and a place for everything. Louise is still wondering how to document his collections before his garage is emptied, but I am sure as with Louise’s other projects she will come up with a way, or at least her photography will do her dad proud.

blimey! is a Darlington based artist network. We meet on a monthly basis and alternate between Artist Talks and Work In Progress Meetings. If you would like to find out more or come along to one of our meetings, check out our website.