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Creative Darlington is happy to work with partners in Darlington, the North East, nationally or internationally. We’d love to hear from you about art projects you might wish to develop either in or involving Darlington. In the last two years we’ve worked with Darlington for Culture, Marchday, the Northern Echo, Darlington Partnership, Distinct Darlington, Teesside University, mima and their Visual Arts Network, Luxi and Battersea Arts Centre and producer Iain Pate and artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich to develop particular projects. Contact the Creative Darlington Manager, Stephen Wiper, on 01325 406993 or 07970184533 with your ideas.




Developing Finance for Arts Activity in Darlington application scheme

Creative Darlington has allocated a budget of £5,000 in 2015/16 to encourage individuals and arts organisations to develop arts activity in Darlington and to secure additional finance for the arts in Darlington. This is a competitive application process.  Please get in touch before applying to save wasting your time if all our budget is committed. 

Individual artists and arts organisations can apply, whether they are based in Darlington or not. Please read the guidance notes and application form for further details.  There are two rounds of applications and assessment in 2015/16 with the following deadlines for application:

• 12 noon on Friday 9 May 2015

• 12 noon on Friday 9 October 2015

Max Arts Assests (Supp for you)



Strengthening the sustainability of arts assets in Darlington is one of Creative Darlington’s current priorities. Creative Darlington has allocated a budget of £5,000 in 2015/16 to support this priority. This budget is focused on developing the sustainability of key arts organisations based in Darlington and addressing risks to their ongoing practice. We anticipate making no more than two awards in 2015/16. Arts organisations resident in Darlington borough are invited to submit proposals for specific time limited development work focused on building the sustainability of their practice. These might include:

• business planning
• preparing financial strategies and developing fundraising capacity
• developing communications plans
• making organisations or venues investment ready
• training and organisational development
• consultancy to inform capital development plans

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